rug cleaning

Rugs are wonderful decorative pieces; they can bring up the beauty of a room and enhance furniture if they are chosen properly. But before we get into colors or anything else, we need to understand the most common rug materials and their characteristics.

Depending on your living conditions, such as pets, humidity, children, etc. some rugs may be easier to keep than others. There are some rugs that are very delicate and they are usually great for people that love luxury and live alone, as some materials are extremely high maintenance and they can be ruined if they get a soda spill or a smear of chocolate.

One of the most luxurious and high maintenance rug’s materials is silk. Rugs made out of silk are soft, they have a subtle sheen, and they are beautiful. Because of the versatility of this material, the details on these rugs are delicate and they usually have incredible designs. Of course with this expensive material, you have to consider that it requires professional cleaning, it cannot be done by yourself and you can ruin it very easy.

Natural fibers such as cotton, seagrass, jute and sisal are amongst the most durable and easily cleaned, and their maintenance is considerably lower than for those made out of silk, wool or animal skin, but because of the texture, and some of them might be difficult to clean. They are perfect for almost any type of traffic and any area in your house. They are usually made without chemical processes and you can find a variety of prices and designs.

Wool is one of the most common types of rug materials, and these are very durable and strong.  They have beautiful designs and you can find a wide range of designs and prices. However, wool is not the best choice for humid places, they can absorb it and the colors fade as a result. They are great for high traffic areas and their maintenance is usually very affordable.

Some rugs are made out of synthetic fibers, they are very easy to clean, they are perfect for any type of area, some can even be used outdoors, but they tend to look cheap if you compare them to natural fiber rugs. They are affordable for almost any budget and they come in many colors, sizes, patterns, etc. If you live in a very dry place; watch out for static, you will get shock constantly with these types of rugs.

In any case, we buy rugs as a part of our house decorations and we should treat them as that, even though you might be able to keep them clean for some time, you will need a professional rug cleaning service to keep them clean and their colors vibrant.

Give us a call today and find out more about our options for rug cleaning, at Gentlemen Carpet Care, we use only the best products and technology to take care of your rugs.

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